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    This is the staff application format that you must use if you wish to apply for a role as a staff member on the Vexation Minecraft game-server.

    If accepted, you will have an interview and be assessed by at least one member of the management team, if we believe you are suitable for the role we will do some small examinations to make sure you know the protocol and policies and your roles will be assigned and you can make your impact on this community!

    When you fill out your application, copy and answer the following questions in full sentences and include as much details as you can, the more the better:
    Question 1 - What is your Minecraft username?

    Question 2 - What is your Discord name and tag (e.g Brad#4005)

    Question 3 - How many years old are you?

    Question 4 - When did you first start playing Vexation or know about it?

    Question 5 - Why do you think you should be a staff member on the Vexation Minecraft server?

    Question 6 - Please list all your strengths that you think make you an ideal staff member.

    Question 7 - Please list all your weaknesses that would restrict you from being a perfect staff member.

    Question 8 - Do you have any previous staffing experience on Minecraft servers, if so, what server(s) and what role(s)?

    Question 9 - Do you work well in a team environment and are your communication skills good?

    Question 10 - Can you work under pressure?

    Question 11 - Do you have a working microphone and are you able to talk to people online?

    Question 12 - Do you have a positive mental attitude and are you dedicated to making an impact on Vexation? If so, why?

    Question 13 - Do you view yourself as professional?

    Question 14 - As a staff member you represent The Vexation Group and everything associated to it, do you acknowledge that you must act sensibly, responsibly and maturely and if not, you risk losing your role?

    Question 15 - Do you agree to not abuse any permissions to gain an advantage over other users or use the granted permissions outside of the uses outlined in the protocol you will be given?​

    This application form can and will be updated every so often, so if you have applied and are awaiting a reply, please check that no new questions have been added and that you still agree to all the terms outlined.

    Note: Do NOT ask any member of the staff team or management to review your application, repeated asks will result in a denial of the application.

    Note 2: If your application is denied, please wait 2 weeks before re-applying, and applying before 2 weeks is up will result in a denial.

    Note 3: Do NOT use copied applications or share your application with another applicant, we will find out and your application will be denied.

    Wish you the best of luck in applying.

    Thanks, Brad.
    Head of Operations @ Vexation UK.
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