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Adblock Checker Killer
Tell those ad block checkers to piss off!

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How it works

Adblock script checkers

This script basically tells adblock

to load the fake adverts (adblock checkers) instead of not loading them

Example of how these checkers work

<script>function AdsWarning(); {alert("Please whitelist our site");history.go(-1);</script>
<script>var Advert = false;</script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="adframe.js"></script>
<script>if(Advert = "false") { AdsWarning(); }</script>

1. AdsWarning function is created (shows message and redirects)
2. A new variable (called advert) will be created and set to false
3. Tries to load adframe.js (a fake advert) that sets it to true

if advert is false, adframe was blocked (and AdsWarning tells them off)
but if it is true, the page knows it wasn't blocked and it lets them though



1. Get an ad blocker

If you don't already have one, download one
AdBlock or AdBlock Plus work perfectly with this

2. Add the script / filter

Time to add the script! Click here to subscribe to this list
If nothing happens, your ad blocker does not support our list
Try using one of the ones we mentioned above and try again

3. Enjoy a nag free internet

Enjoy a ad free internet with less nagging about
turning off your adblocker / donating to the site
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